Adult learners elevate careers with online courses

As online learning becomes increasingly prevalent, more and more companies are turning to them to help their employees earn the right credentials they need for their careers.

Companies like Google, WalMart, and AT&T have partnered with online course providers with this goal in mind.

A study released in June by the Brookings Institution found that half of jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math fields may require certification or training but not a bachelor’s degree.

The types of courses Pearson and the Institute are offering will be determined by real-time labor market data from a company called Burning Glass.

Named for the massive convex lenses that focus the rays of the sun onto a small area, Burning Glass analyzes job postings from more than 25,000 websites.

Using this data, Pearson and the Denver Learning Institute can determine what courses, training, and certifications are most in demand at any given time.

Right now, that means jobs in network security and product management. IT jobs account for 27 percent of managerial openings this year, according to the CareerBuilding 2013 Forecast.

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