Adult learners elevate careers with online courses

When adult professionals need more education to advance their careers, they have a few options.

Pearson will develop online courses related to careers in information technology, project management, and healthcare.

They could enroll in an expensive, and timely, four year program or at a two year community college. They could take a certified massive open online course (MOOC) related to their careers, like Coursera’s Signature Track courses.

Then there’s another choice, one that rests somewhere between the other options – a choice that’s being increasingly backed by one of education’s most prominent publishers.

Pearson Learning, over the past year, has announced its support of a handful of adult learning facilities, institutions designed around self-paced courses that would help adults prepare for post-secondary programs or acquire the knowledge to complete national certification exams.

The most recent of these partnerships is with the Denver Learning Institute.

Through the arrangement, Pearson will develop and host online courses related to careers in information technology, business, project management, and healthcare.

“These courses are predominantly for students with a little more experience,” said Tom Darling, National Director of Workforce Education at Pearson. “These are not the traditional 18-year-old college student. They are more often between 30 and 50 years old.”

See Page 2 for details on how the program will pull data from thousands of job openings to determine the courses it will offer.

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