Meanwhile, the MOOC platform Coursera may have begun to solve the revenue issue from an off-campus stand-point, but even that development is an ongoing experiment.

So if administrators and faculty both think MOOCs will fail to generate revenue and actually cost the university money in the process, why is there still enthusiasm for the courses?

ACE and InsideTrack’s study provides a few possibilities.

Nearly half of the interviewees said MOOCs are a highly important part of expanding an institution’s global reach.

Sixty-eight percent said the courses are an important part of increasing access to higher education. More than half of the respondents said MOOCs are a very important piece of developing an instructor’s online pedagogy.

“Technophiles look at this as quick fix,” an interviewee said. “We need to reject that notion, and the Luddite inclination to hunker down and resist at all costs.”

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