Turning Technologies to Host User Conference in Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College Dublin will serve as the location for the User Conference.

Youngstown, OH – Turning Technologies, the global leader of response technology, will hold its international user conference at the distinguished institution of Trinity College Dublin on 4 November 2013. During the event, higher education attendees will have access to an abundance of knowledge-building sessions that range from best practices and effective implementations to research-based pedagogical strategies and unique challenges. Keynote speakers include:
Dr. Eric Mazur – Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, Harvard University and Area Dean of Applied Physics, Author of Peer Instruction: A User’s Manual

From Questions to Concepts

Over the years, Dr. Mazur discovered that students in his introductory physics course were passing exams without having understood the fundamental concepts he was trying to teach. In response to this problem, Dr. Mazur developed a variety of interactive techniques linked to each other in ways that help his students learn basic concepts far better than before. He developed a strategy that incorporates “just-in-time” teaching with short lectures punctuated by conceptual questions posed to students, better known as Peer Instruction. The Peer Instruction method engages students through activities that require each learner to apply the concepts being presented. Students then explain those concepts to fellow learners, involving the entire group. Questions are asked, discussed and then displayed using classroom response technology. Peer Instruction provides continuous assessment and feedback, forcing students to learn from each other while in the classroom. You can forget facts, but you cannot forget understanding! Dr. Mazur’s ultimate goal is not for students to memorize material for tests, but to create lifelong understanding.
Dr. Mazur’s teaching method has a large national and international following, and has been adapted to teaching many disciplines. He is author or co-author of over 200 publications and 12 patents, and helped produce the award-winning DVD Interactive Teaching.

Mark Taylor – M.S.W., Ed.D, President, Taylor Programs
Mark Taylor is a nationally recognized expert, speaker, consultant and educator with more than 25 years of experience in higher education dedicated to helping universities better understand and serve our students for learning, development, persistence and successful integration into the “corporate” world.

From Teaching to Learning with Generation NeXt: Connecting with the Digital Learner

Today’s wired students have traits and expectations that present unique challenges to those of us charged with teaching and guiding them through their educational experience. Their issues with academic preparation, self-esteem and consumer expectations can interfere with their learning, persistence and workplace readiness. Their different styles of interacting, use of technology and social media, preference for interactive, digital and web-based instructional resources must be recognized and leveraged for persistence and academic success. This program will help attendees understand the social, personal and academic traits and preferences our students bring to college, how these characteristics impact learning, persistence and success, and how we can best help our students accept responsibility for and reach their educational and personal goals.

Conference registration is now open and space is limited. For full details of the conference, visit http://www.turningtechnologies.com/events/Dublin-US

About Turning Technologies:
Turning Technologies creates leading instructional, assessment delivery and data collection solutions for learning environments. Founded in 2002, the company began with the development of response technology that was affordable, user-friendly and better documented so that users could easily grasp its benefits. Today, over 15 million response devices have been delivered to K-12 schools, universities and businesses worldwide. As the recognized leading provider of assessment delivery and data collection systems, Turning acquired eInstruction in 2013 to expand both its market share and product offerings across all industry segments. eInstruction’s diversified solutions include innovative classroom instruction systems, interactive whiteboards, research-based software and professional development that facilitate significantly higher levels of collaboration, engagement and achievement across all stages of the learning process. Adding to its robust product portfolio, Turning also now offers the Triton Data Collection System, a technology-enabled testing solution that combines the front end ease of paper testing with the efficiencies of computer-based testing, rock solid reliability and security for various assessment and certification environments. Based in Youngstown, OH, information on Turning Technologies can be found at www.TurningTechnologies.com. Follow @TurningTech.

Andrea Lawn