Smartphones hinder face-to-face social interaction

We’re in the midst of a revolution.

And just like in “I, Robot,” intelligent machines are the cause: smartphones, The Collegiate Times reports. They’re raising up an army of college students and it’s growing rapidly.

Eighty-one percent of college-aged students have smartphones, according to Pew Research. Two years ago that number was hovering around 49 percent. That’s almost double. So to anyone who says that smartphones aren’t revolutionizing college communication, and communication in general for that matter, you’re nuts.

When I was in high school, whenever I would pull my phone out at the dinner table my mom would have a fit. She would say things like, “C’mon Nick, this is family time,” or “I’m right here, you can talk to me, you know!”

At the time, I was really annoyed at having to put my phone away. Since coming to college, I’ve started to see where my mom is coming from. There is nothing more annoying than trying to talk to someone and having him or her be in a deep conversation with their Twitter account.

I often question what the real consequences are of our intense smartphone usage. When was the last time you had lunch with someone where you weren’t using your phone?

… Over a year ago, I wrote about the potential harmful effects of relying too heavily on digital media.

As communication is transforming, so is the way we interact with one another and make friends. It’s not just about information, it’s about the depth and quality of friendships.

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