Survey: students satisfied with online learning

Three in four online students said this week in a national survey that they were satisfied with their college experience, though the quality of online instruction is a lingering concern.

Instructional quality remains a concern in online classes.

The 75 percent satisfaction rate among web-based students was markedly higher than the 55 percent rate among traditional campus-based students surveyed by Noel-Levitz, a higher education consulting firm that publishes the annual “National Online Learners Priorities Report.”

The report gauges student perception of various kinds of post-secondary education, and how they’ve changed in recent years.

Online learning satisfaction levels were high, but instructional quality was pegged as a primary concern among those who took online classes.

Julie Bryant, associate vice president at Noel-Levitz and author of the report, said it was the very nature of online college courses that created concern about the overall quality of instruction.

“Creating connections with students is the great challenge of online education,” Bryant said. “How do you keep student interest and involvement when their ‘classroom’ is a computer screen? That’s precisely why so many online programs survey their students about their satisfaction levels.”

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