Did your favorite articles during the week of September 9 make the top five most viewed articles in eCampus News?


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This has been another great week for eCampus News.

This week’s featured stories include developments in adaptive learning, the most popular ways to stop cheating in online college courses, how MOOCs are latching on to pop culture to increase public awareness of the massive courses, how university libraries will remain relevant with technological updates that cater to evolving student needs, university spying, Google’s partnership with edX and the new alliance between publishing giant Pearson and West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

Bonus stories include how students use social media to research schools before they make a commitment; employers’ perception of online degrees; and how online education attracts student attention by focusing on pop culture phenomenons, like zombies.

Please enjoy this week’s top 5 most viewed articles:

  1. Google Mooc site: ‘More of the same?’ By Jake New, published 9/11/2013.
  2. A Mooc that will ‘cut across institutional boundaries’ By Denny Carter, published 9/9/2013.
  3. How Moocs are evolving with video technology By Ari Bixhorn, published 9/4/2013.
  4. Campus libraries embrace future with technology by Jake New, published 9/8/2013.
  5. Research: Social media has negative impact on academic performance by Denny Carter, published 4/17/2013.

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