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A MOOC that will ‘cut across institutional boundaries’

Vanderbilt University and the University of Maryland (UMD) could create a new massive open online course (MOOC) cross-institutional model for higher education, and team up for a two-part MOOC on mobile app development.

Each university will teach segments of the MOOC that last 8-10 weeks.

Many colleges have delved into MOOCs, while others have approach the massive courses with caution. Either way, however, MOOC implementation has been isolated to a single school working with a MOOC platform.

The Vanderbilt-UMD MOOC will have two segments, both 8-10 weeks long, hosted on the Coursera platform. The mobile app development class will start Jan. 6, according to a Vanderbilt announcement.

“This trans-institutional and interdisciplinary MOOC sequence will provide an exemplar of how intentionally coordinated MOOCs can create learning communities that cut across traditional institutional and disciplinary boundaries,” said Douglas Schmidt, professor of computer science and of computer engineering at Vanderbilt.

The MOOC setting, Schmidt added, makes what would have once seemed nearly impossible very doable.

“Creating such an opportunity for Vanderbilt and University of Maryland students alone would be incredibly complex in a traditional environment,” he said.  “With the MOOC platform, not only is it possible, it will now be available to learners globally.”

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