Knewton adaptive learning technology goes global

Knewton collects millions of data points from its users to create models that can be broken down to help with individual learning. If a student is struggling at biology, for example, maybe it’s not because the student is inherently bad at science, but because he never really learned algebra, the data could find.

The software can then recommend additional assignments in that area.

The partnership is Knewton’s sixth collaboration with a major publisher. The company is also partners with Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Triumph Learning, Wiley, and MacMillan Education.

That Knewton was already working with MacMillan makes its partnership with Cambridge University Press especially significant, as the two publishers provide ostensibly the same kind of service.

While their platforms may differ in many ways, both Cambridge University Press and MacMillan use Knewton specifically for English Language Teaching.

“The industry is really coming to understand that Knewton is this very open and objective platform,” Liu said. “For this to happen, the industry needs to understand that you can absolutely work with Knewton to be the best they can be to get these competency driven outcomes, to make learning more personal. People are starting to not be at all bothered by the fact that their competitors are using the same platform.”

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