Three things you might not know about tablets on campus

The revolution, according to many in educational technology, was supposed to be televised on tablets.

Students said they want more class assignments available on tablets.

eCampus News staffers are constantly reporting on the latest trends in how tablets are used in higher education, interviewing those who advocate tablet usage above all else, and those skeptical of the transformational power of the mobile devices.

Below are three stories that might surprise educators and college students who see tablets as the unquestioned wave of higher education’s future.

One in five college students use tablets to study: The presence of mobile devices has exploded on college campuses over the past five years, though just 19 percent of students say they use tablets and ubiquitous smartphones for educational purposes. Those findings and others detailing digital trends in higher education were found in a recent survey conducted by and Millennial Branding.

The report, “The Future of Education,” found that 84 percent of student respondents said they use a computer to study, while just one in five students regularly studied on their Apple iPads, iPhones, and myriad other mobile devices.

See Page 2 for our poll and two more facts about tablets that might surprise you…

eCampus News Staff

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