New research platform lets surveys go mobile

Daryl Pinkal, head of product development of the research platform Qualtrics, says a researcher has just one shot when attempting to get respondents to take a survey.

Seven in 10 students use three or more mobile devices a day.

This may be particularly true for one of the platform’s most important groups of respondents: college students.

“If that shot doesn’t work, they’re not likely to come back,” Pinkal said. “It’s imperative that you get this group’s attention right away and keep it.”

Qualtrics, which is used by researchers, graduate students, and administrators at 1,300 academic institutions across the world, is hoping their new platform will do just that. The company on Aug. 28 rolled out Qualtrics Mobile, a new suite of survey applications designed around mobile devices.

Nearly 70 percent of students say they use three or more mobile devices a day and close to half say they check these devices every 10 minutes, according to a study released in May by CourseSmart.

And Pinkal said as much as 40 percent of responses to Qualtric surveys come from mobile devices.

“Typically our customers would send an email or put a link on a site to a survey, even when they really want to take it out in the field,” he said. “What Qualtrics Mobile allows them to do is ensure that the survey is accessible across all platforms from tablet to small phone to desktop.”

See Page 2 for details about some of the platform’s new features.

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