MOOC only from for-profit educational institutions?

Most MOOCs are made by persons in educational institutions, like universities or commercial for-profit firms, Connectiv reports. One questions keeps being asked: What is your business model with MOOCs? In my opinion this commercial view on MOOCs is only one possibility. Not for profit MOOCs do have a great future. … Commercial MOOCs  do make expensive courses in a more or less old-school way, with lessons and tests, investing a lot of money and work in their  for-profit MOOCs. They try to invent a good MOOC format, and I think that is good. IT will improve  MOOCs. To organize a Not for profit MOOCs one does not need a lot of money and most of the work is been done by the participants.  (I do not belittle the work or the level of non-commercial MOOCs for the not-for-profit MOOCs I know of  are done in a very smart and dedicated way) People do  not understand the need for Massive in a MOOC.  A DOCC feminism and technology wants to be a non-massive course. It will be a course with a lot of teachers and facilitators. A MOOC needs to be massive to become diverse.

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