University of Waikato launches first MOOC on data mining

The first MOOC (massive open online course) from a New Zealand university was launched by the University of Waikato this week in one of the most exciting fields of contemporary computer science – data mining, Voxy reports. For the University of Waikato’s Department of Computer Science, the choice of Data Mining with Weka for a MOOC was an obvious one – students around the world are already familiar with the software and have written and uploaded tutorials on YouTube. “The open source Weka software was developed here at the University, and it’s been downloaded over half a million times,” says University of Waikato Professor Ian Witten. “A lot of people around the world use it, so it makes sense that data mining with Weka is the topic of our first MOOC.” Through this MOOC, the University of Waikato is making available the expert knowledge of its researchers and teaching staff in a structured online environment.

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