N.C. State looking at MOOC options

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are educational platforms with a large number of students and interactive programs, Technician Online reports. The courses are flexible, and they usually don’t offer course credit. However, several universities, including Georgia Tech,  are beginning to allow students to earn full degrees via MOOCs. While MOOCs may be available to N.C. State students as early as January, members of the faculty and staff haven’t exactly clamored aboard the MOOC bandwagon. According to Thomas Miller, senior vice provost for academic outreach and entrepreneurship, UNC System officials want an online course in global economics for the upcoming spring semester in at least one of the system’s schools. While N.C. State’s deans have been notified about the opportunity,  Miller said no one at N.C. State has expressed an interest thus far.

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