Coursera billed as the Amazon of education

Investors in Coursera, the world’s largest massive open online course (MOOC) provider are confident the company will arrive at a sustainable business model, says its co-founder, Daphne Koller. Ms Koller, who set up Coursera last year with fellow Stanford IT professor Andrew Ng, now offers more than 400 free online courses from 84 partners which are mainly universities, Financial Review reports. In little over a year, 4.3 million students have enrolled. … Speaking to a largely academic audience, he said that the uncertainty with which MOOCs were viewed by some was the same uncertainly with which people in retail once viewed Amazon. “Amazon now has revenues greater than Woolworths in this country,” he said. Mr Koller said that, although there were currently many competitors in the MOOC market, she thought it would tend toward being winner take all. “Right now, we’re four times larger than anybody else in terms of students, 10 times larger than anybody else in terms of courses,” she said.

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