From Jobs movie to Jobs case study

Steve Jobs was a member of the billionaire dropout club, the fraternity of technology entrepreneurs who never graduated from college but showed through the companies they created that there are other ways to learn. With “Jobs”, the Steve Jobs biopic opening Friday, the Degreed alternate credentialing service is calling attention to a series of “case studies” it has created on the lives of remarkable people, including Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, Mark Cuban, Clayton Christensen and Oprah Winfrey, InformationWeek reports. Degreed aims to be a site where lifelong learners can compile all their formal and informal educational credentials, from university degrees to Coursera or Khan Academy courses to books they’ve read. A university degree is still worth more than taking a MOOC, and some universities and degrees count for more under Degreed’s point system, but everything counts. Once you’ve assembled a profile, you can publish it so everyone can see how smart you are and how you got that way.

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