Addressing students’ desire for a sense of belonging, Student Services Australia has created an app that not only tells you where to find a lecture room, but how long it will take to walk there from the bus stop and where to pick up the best-rated coffee along the way, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Student Services employs 177 campus editors to ensure the app stays up to date with building changes, as well as with local wisdom and campus know-how. For example, it might tell you where you can find a microwave, warn you about the toilets, or tell you not to feel like an idiot if you can’t find your locker on level 3 (there is no system and everyone takes forever to find their locker, it says). So far, the team has mapped more than 42,156 locations and uploaded 55,000 photos, but this labor-intensive project has paid off – Lost on Campus has been adopted by 57 Australian campuses and been downloaded more than 118,000 times.

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Jake New studied journalism at Indiana University, where he was editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student. At the IDS, Jake covered the IU administration, minority student issues, and state education policy. After a brief stint at the Bloomington Herald-Times covering IU, crime, and local politics, Jake interned at the Chronicle of Higher Education in Washington D.C, writing about online learning, open-access policies, academic publishing, and ed-tech startups. Jake joined eCampus News as an assistant editor in May 2013, where he continues to cover technology and higher education. His days often begin with a cup of coffee and the sinking feeling that another MOOC story is just around the corner. Follow Jake via Twitter: @eSN_Jake