In student affairs, social media remains a common tool

Seventy-one percent of student affairs professionals use Facebook at work, according to a survey conducted by NASPA Tech KC.

The number of teenagers using Facebook has sharply declined, according to a report released by the Pew Research Center in May. The annual E-Expectations Report also recently found that college-bound high school juniors and seniors are using Facebook less, as well as Google Plus and YouTube.

But while student use of many social networking services may be down, those who work in student affairs say they are still frequently using the sites – both on and off the job.

Seventy-one percent of student affairs employees use Facebook professionally, according to a survey conducted by NASPA Tech KC. Nearly half of the survey’s respondents said they use the video site YouTube, and about two-thirds said they use the micro-blogging service Twitter. (Twitter use is also up among college-bound high schoolers.)

“While these numbers are not as staggeringly lopsided as those in personal use, they still show that, among respondents, social media is an important part of the work environment,” Kevin Valliere, a graduate student at Texas A&M and one of the team members behind the survey, wrote in a blog post.

See Page 2 for how important the respondents think social media actually is to their job.

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