The Big Data job boom

Everywhere you go, everything you do, you’re generating data, and so is everyone around you, Business2Community reports. Your mobile

phone usage, your internet browsing behavior, the way you drive your car, the number of times you buy turkey at the grocery store…all of that data is being collected and used by companies around the world. The massive growth in this information — which has exploded in volume, velocity and variety — has given rise to a new name for a new field: Big data. But the explosion of data has also given rise to a tremendous need for skilled professionals capable of dealing with all of this information. In fact, the numbers of people needed in big data are simply staggering. … To help address the need for big data professionals, several universities around the country have added new data analytics programs. Some, like the program at the University of Tennessee, focus not just on the technology but the business side of big data.