Students are cool with MOOCs, so why aren’t profs?

For those of us who still use calendars – the paper kind, with glossy photos of places we’d rather be – turning the page to August is always a bittersweet experience, The Globe and Mail. It reminds us of the compressed nature of a Canadian summer and the cool nights that will soon herald its end. August is also the month when the phrase “back to school” re-enters our daily lexicon, sending shivers up the spine of the Huck Finn in us all and a wave of relief among parents everywhere. It’s the month when we have to get serious about our futures again. For university students, August means scrambling to register for classes and pick courses. With limited space in the most sought-after subjects taught by the best professors, settling for a second or third choice is often inevitable. Yet, students continue to pay more – tuition has risen far faster than inflation – while facing a job market where an undergrad degree is the minimum price of entry.

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