Higher education struggling to contain data breaches this summer

Stanford University investigating security breach: Stanford University is investigating security breach of its information technology infrastructure, Patch reports. University administrators do not know how much data was comprised and are working with law enforcement officials and an information security consultant to determine that. “We are not aware at this time of any protected health information, personal financial information or Social Security numbers being compromised, and Stanford does not conduct classified research,” said Brad Hayward, University Communications spokesperson in a statement.

Oregon Health & Science University notifies patients of ‘cloud’ health information storage: OHSU is notifying 3,044 patients that their OHSU health information was stored on an internet-based eMail and/or document storage service, also known as a “cloud” computing system, according to the university. Although the internet-based service provider (Google Drive, Google Mail) is password-protected and has security measures and policies in place to protect information, it is not an OHSU business associate with a contractual agreement to use or store OHSU patient health information. There is no evidence that the data was accessed or used by anyone who did not have a legitimate patient care need to view the information.