CrashPlan PROe (Code 42 Software)

CrashPlan PROe is enterprise-level software for backing up information from a number of end points on a network. “With the increasing amount of research data produced and stored on faculty and staff laptops and desktops, our team knew end-point backup was a critical need,” said Tim Winningham, IT projects manager for The Ohio State University. “Since we rolled out the product about a year ago, CrashPlan PROe has … reduced [our] time spent installing and managing data backup by 98 percent, enabling us to focus on other important initiatives.”


Digital Passport (Common Sense Media)

Digital Passport consists of free, web-based games and videos to engage third through fifth graders in learning about safe and responsible internet use. Collaborative classroom activities reinforce online lessons, and students earn badges toward a Digital Passport. Teachers also receive reports to demonstrate student success. “The students loved the games and were challenged to think more about the choices they make online,” says Jeff Thornton, eLearning coach for Illinois’ Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp. “The videos, lessons, and game are all high-quality resources that are easy for teachers to use, and they definitely opened conversations about digital citizenship with our students.”


Discovery Techbooks (Discovery Education)

Discovery Techbooks help teachers transition to using digital resources instead of physical books. They include videos, interactive lessons, educational games, reading passages, and glossaries, as well as professional development for teachers. They actively engage students to read, write, and think critically, while reaching all learning modalities through the integration of text, audio, video, images, and digital investigations. “I use the Techbook to engage my students in inquiry-based lessons. Since it is self-paced, I can gauge [students’] understanding via the online assessments,” says Wendy Norton, a science teacher in Osceola County, Fla.


eTrition (Harris School Solutions)

eTrition is a browser-based enterprise school nutrition system featuring a centralized database. It offers security and central control of important data and tasks, including patrons, users, setup options, food items, and pricing. “This cafeteria management system has streamlined our processes, from the money collection through the children picking up their trays in the cafeteria. Parents can see account balances online, and it is easy to generate reports and reminders for families’ balances,” says Karen Haas, principal of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis schools.

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