What you can learn at the University of Social Media

There are a lot of lessons that you won’t learn in the classroom: A master’s program is not an across-the-board answer for all; it really depends on your field of study, The Huffington Post reports. When it comes to something quantitative like accounting, an MBA will likely give you a high ROI. If you’re going into a field that is more focused on coming up with creative ideas or sales pitches, hands-on experience may be a more effective teaching tool. Learning how to interact and collaborate with people is essential for success. Anyone who works in an office can attest to the fact that good people skills are a necessity. Soft skills are essential to becoming successful: A broad knowledge is key when it comes to successful networking. It is life experience and self-education that develop these skills; for example, following key entrepreneurial influencers, or writing a daily blog to develop writing skills. Information is more readily available than ever; access to education is literally in the palm of your hand.

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