5 tactical questions higher ed administrators should be asking about MOOCs

Massive open online courses — offered free and without admissions criteria to anyone in the world — may or may not be a suitable tactic for your organization, but if you are an administrator at a college, university or state system, you probably find yourself in the position of having to consider MOOCs, if only to answer anxious questions for your stakeholders, MOOC News and Reviews reports. When a phenomenon like MOOCs comes along, it’s tempting to react to it without taking time to put it in context. Hopefully, your college or university is working within the context of a clear mission and a strategy for achieving it. Assuming your school has developed a clear sense of it the strategic position it is striving to establish, you have probably gone on to identify tactics that will help you claim that position. The universe of possible tactics is always expanding, though, and the introduction of MOOCs in the last year is a doozy.

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