In this newly designed course, learners of all levels receive digital Learning Pins as rewards for completing portions of the online course. Learning pins are similar to the newly forming concept of badges and mirror the standing academic pinning tradition.

Learning pins are awarded to any participant of the course who completes assignments and demonstrates skill attainment. For example, a learner receives a learning pin for learning about and developing parenting skills, or a learner’s child may earn a learning pin for learning about the major developmental theorists.

These learning pins serve as mementos of their time learning together and as the system develops may result in more formalized credits.

Imagine all online learners with an opportunity to increase the repetition of their learning along with all the people in their lives. Imagine growing up in a learning culture where adults transmit their learning to children and other relationships.

Imagine children on a playground, who partook in a parent’s learning socially designed human development course, discussing the meaning of dreams. Imagine a course which is designed to work in concert with our desire to learn with those around us.

With learning socially course design, we move closer to a culture of educated citizens wanting to engage with learning and who have a shared learning base to communicate with each other all the while preparing students for the increased rigor of the learning that lies ahead. Learning socially course design reflects that learning is natural and social.

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