Financial aid technology: More productivity, less drudgery

Marquette’s financial aid office used Peoplesoft’s Campus Solutions Student Financing system, which provided a patch for the updating of student financial aid packages during the days leading up to the start of sequestration.

The system provides constant updates to federal rules and regulations surrounding financial aid, tracks academic enrollment changes, defines the boundaries of a school’s aid awarding cycle to process up to three financial aid years simultaneously, and allows financial aid officers to track loan processing, even when they’re dealing with third party lenders and loan servicers.

It’s just one system that has helped financial aid offices comply with ever-changing federal rules while keeping students up to date on how much financial aid they’ll receive in a time when more students than ever require aid to obtain a secondary education.

Transylvania University has seen a 35 percent increase in student enrollment since changing to Ellucian Recruiter, which helped prospective students complete their admissions applications faster and offered access to financial aid information in a more streamlined way.

Using a system that lets students more easily access financial aid information, Transylvania officials said, is a must when dealing with incoming students.

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