UC Irvine researchers create Big Data management tool

The platform will also be open-source, Carey said.

“Users can do whatever they want with it, and we can learn from what they do and further improve our platform based on their needs,” he said.

AsterixDB is not the only entity trying to get a better handle on Big Data. IBM continues to experiment with its Watson super computer, which famously won Jeopardy in 2011.

Earlier this year, Columbia Basin College in Washington began trying to harness online data to improve student achievement and retention. Last month, the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, unveiled a new analytics center where students can “stand inside” 3D representations of Big Data.

The team behind AsterixDB  said they see a greater calling for Big Data than just improving student outcomes, anticipating consumer behavior and winning TV game shows. It could help predict disease outbreaks, combat fraud, and sequence DNA.

“Big Data crosses a lot of domains, from government to health care to business,” Carey said. “It’s hard for us to imagine an area where AsterixDB can’t contribute.”

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