Open Data Institute releases schema for machine readable rights statements on data

The Open Data Institute, co-founded by OCW advisor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt, has released a new schema for adding machine readable rights statements to open data, facilitating the use of the growing number of openly shared data sets, Open Matters reports.  From the ODI blog: As the open data movement continues to mature, discussion is focusing on how the publishing and use of open data can be become more sustainable. This includes making the process of opening up data clear and simple for any organisation. The recent launch of the Open Data Certicates sees the ODI begin to  provide tools that support best practices in this area. The certificates provide guidance to publishers, helping them to identify a variety of issues to be considered when releasing data, whilst also giving re-users some assurance as to the quality of open datasets. Data published to the web should always be accompanied by machine-readable metadata describing all aspects of the dataset including is content, origin, publication schedule and, importantly, clear licensing.

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