Many IT departments use Twitter to warn students on online scams.

It’s not just college students with technology questions who should be following university IT departments on Twitter. Many campus IT outfits tweet regularly about common technology issues, becoming a valuable source for ed-tech enthusiasts.

Here are the top-five university IT departments to follow, as compiled by our staffers here at eCampus News.

1. Tulane Tech Services: This “group of dedicated technology professionals responsible for meeting the core computing needs of the Tulane University community” answers student questions, warns students about technology upgrades and security measures, and shares all manner of technology news from Tulane University.

2. Georgetown University Information Services (UIS): The creator of the university’s IT and digital strategies often posts interesting tech-related articles, including a recent piece on 15 of the most popular mobile apps.

3.  OIT at North Carolina State University: This department tweets about “IT service announcements, IT workshops and training advertising, IT/Education/Social Media industry news, & IT customer engagement.” The OIT account engages with new and incoming students on Twitter and keeps the campus community updates on upcoming IT workshops.

4. ITS at the University of Toronto: Along with planning IT services for students across the campus, this IT department constantly engages students, even beyond those who need IT-related assistance. The account also shares IT news and warns students and faculty of online scams.

5. West Virginia University Office of IT: WVU’s IT department shares information about the latest technology trends in higher education, including social media news that is sure to engage students. The IT department this year shared items on how students can recover from social media hacks.