eXplorance and Desire2Learn Integrate Course Evaluation into LMS

The integration provides Desire2Learn clients with access to course evaluations, surveys, and feedback analytics directly from the learning suite

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) June 28, 2013

eXplorance has announced a new partnership with Desire2Learn Incorporated, integrating course evaluations, assessments, surveys and feedback analytics using Desire2Learn’s SDK. This integration allows educational institutions to obtain a high performance interface, minimizing IT involvement and turning the Learning Management System (LMS) into a focal point for an efficient training experience.
In addition to integrating course evaluation information into the Desire2Learn Learning Suite, Blue by eXplorance™ also incorporates data from other key systems, including ERP, CRM and SIS. Blue leverages this data to personalize and shorten questionnaires based on course, instructor and student demographics, resulting in high student response rates. “We are excited to welcome eXplorance as a Select Partner in the Partner Network. With the availability of this sophisticated integration, we expect our clients to see strong course evaluation response rates,” says Jeff McDowell, Desire2Learn’s Vice President of Business Development and Marketing.
Higher response rates are achieved when an organization manages to reach high levels of engagement with all its stakeholders. “eXplorance strives to foster the continuous improvement of quality of education through administrator, student, and faculty engagement,” states eXplorance’s CEO, Samer Saab. “Our clients find that access to Blue evaluations, assessments, surveys and feedback analytics through the Desire2Learn learning suite is instrumental to reach sustainable improvement of their training experience.”
As Blue supports course evaluations anytime throughout the academic term, Desire2Learn clients are able to react quickly to improve the training experience before end of term. Blue also allows for a gradual transition from paper-based to online course evaluations by employing a hybrid approach. Blue is a robust enterprise-class feedback management system with a rapid, automated implementation of thousands of course evaluations. Blue provides equal access to course evaluations to all users, regardless of the physical challenges or computing platform.
Check out eXplorance’s website to learn more about the benefits of the page integration between eXplorance Blue and Desire2Learn learning suite. If you are planning to attend the Desire2Learn Fusion 2013 Conference in Boston, please visit our booth to learn more about the Blue solution.
About eXplorance
eXplorance is a leading provider of enterprise feedback management solutions for the higher education, corporate training and organizational management markets. eXplorance’s solution, Blue, includes modules such as course and instructor evaluations, psychometric and knowledge tests development, 360 reviews and organization-wide surveys. Unlike other solutions, Blue can fully adjust to your organization’s needs, whether by tailoring your survey and report formats, integrating easily with your existing software infrastructure, or by offering access support to Blue from a variety of computing platforms. Blue enables organizations to perfect their services by soliciting and analyzing feedback, issuing reports, and then monitoring the improvement in services.
Founded in 2003 in Montreal, Canada, eXplorance counts many leading institutions as clients including the University of Louisville, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Toronto, the City University of Hong Kong City, the University of Southern Australia and many other organizations such as NASA, LendingTree.com, the National Bank of Canada, and Olympus.