A new way to learn about American Geography


The iPad is a fantastic teaching tool, but finding good apps can be tough.

American Revealed: Geography for iPad is a powerful way to learn geography. Teachers will appreciate the easy-to-use design, while students will love the fun animations and sounds.


Moving far beyond simpler geography apps which limit themselves to state outlines and capitals, America Revealed: Geography for iPad helps students learn about major rivers and mountain ranges, about who lived in those states, and much more:
• Where do rivers start, flow and finish?
• Where are major mountain ranges found?
• Where are the major lakes and dams?
• Where were major battles fought?
• Which famous citizens were born in each of the 50 states?
• Which of more than 500 cities are found in which states?
• And the list goes on…….more than 2000 questions!


Moving far beyond the multiple-choice questions used by simpler geography apps, America Revealed: Geography for iPad introduces entirely new ways to engage students:
• Annotated Maps ask “What city is this?” or “What lake is this?” or “What dam is this?”
• Match-Ups present animated choices from which students pair related things, like states and their capitals.
• Fly-Ins present simple multiple choice questions with engaging animations.
• Follow-Alongs lead students through geographically complex features like rivers from the headwaters through significant cities to their deltas, asking questions along the way.
• Line-Ups ask students to drag ordered items into the proper position.
• Pop-ups ask students to identify animated geographic features such as mountain ranges.


America Revealed: Geography for iPad uses wonderful animations and sound to engage students even further. Rivers flow, mountains POP! up, photos sweep onscreen and fall away when selected. Orchestral instruments highlight everything, from plucked violins, brass choirs, woodwind flourishes, the sounds make a big difference.

And best of all, America Revealed: Geography for iPad is fun and kids love it. And because they do, they’re more likely to learn and remember geography—which is the whole point. Play with your kids to help them learn and you just might learn something yourself along the way.

America Revealed: Geography for iPad is available now at the iTunes Store for $1.99. Read more about it here:

iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/america-revealed-geography/id655058924?mt=8
website (w/screenshots&video): http://www.digitalglen.com/apps/geography

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