Tiffin University President Paul Marion said the school decided to make the “Foundations of Success” program available through Helix because it had proven popular with Tiffin students.

“So many of our students have told us how this particular course has had such a positive impact on them, and not just in the context of their college education but throughout their lives,” Marion said in an announcement. “We want to make this course available to more people, who can benefit from its instruction.

The university’s fulltime faculty members will grade class assignments and provide feedback on course discussions – roles not often taken by faculty in MOOCs.

Altius Education CEO Paul Freedman acknowledged that the increasing polarization of MOOCs in higher education.

“There’s a lot of positive and negative buzz about MOOCs and online learning right now,” Freedman said. “MOOCs and online courses aren’t for everyone; they do however present a new opportunity to help more people access quality educational content. Our goal with this MOOC is to make sure they also receive a quality educational experience.”

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