The past few centuries have witnessed revolutions in virtually every area of our world – health, transport, communications and genomics, to name but a few. But not in education, The Guardian reports. Until now, that is, with the advent of MOOCs (massive open online courses). MOOCs are transforming education in both quality and scale. As president of edX, the only non-profit MOOC provider, I have the privilege of being part of this revolution. It’s the most exciting time in education in decades. One way MOOCs have changed education is by increasing access. MOOCs make education borderless, gender-blind, race-blind, class-blind and bank account-blind. Up to now, quality education – and in some cases, any higher education at all – has been the privilege of the few. MOOCs have changed that. Anyone with an internet connection can have access. We hear from thousands of students, many in under-served, developing countries, about how grateful they are for this education. MOOCs are also improving the quality of education. Online learning promotes active learning, where the learner watches videos and engages in interactive exercises. … I do not believe online education can replace a college experience, but the days of the old ways of teaching are numbered. Students have always been critical of large lecture halls where they are talked at, and declining lecture attendance is the result.

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