As Popularity of Online Research Grows, Schools Turn to Jones eGlobal Library

Rise of online resources spawns need for ‘information literacy’ skills

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (June 11, 2013) – According to the 2013 NMC Horizon Project Short List for Higher Education, “sense-making and the ability to assess the credibility of information are paramount” in a world where “information is everywhere.” The transition of learning resources from print to digital means educators are under increasing pressure to provide students with high-quality online content. Jones eGlobal Library, builders of trusted digital libraries for lifelong learning, cites the need for students to develop “information literacy” skills, given the vast amount of reliable and unreliable resources available online.

“Educators at high schools and colleges tell us that they’re increasingly interested in supporting students as they sift through the immeasurable online content, which grows daily,” said Glenn Jones, CEO of Jones eGlobal Library. “We help education providers build robust digital libraries where their students have access to vetted, dependable online resources as well as support services from MLIS degreed librarians. Schools can create customized digital libraries that make content useful and relevant, while providing the tools for students to succeed.”

A Pew Research Center study released in November 2012 found that while most teachers agree the Internet provides valuable information to students, they also believe students often don’t have the necessary skills to scour all of the content. Ninety-one percent of the 2,067 Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers surveyed said they “strongly agree” or “somewhat believe” that courses and instruction focusing on digital and information literacy should be incorporated into school curriculum.

The digital trend has gained momentum with other online libraries such as the National Digital Library (NDL), World Digital Library (WDL) and, more recently, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Each embodies the fortification possibilities of print-based resources with digitized, Internet-ready resources.

Learners can use eGlobal Library as an academic research tool, compiling personalized digital libraries that grow with them throughout their formal and informal learning experiences. In addition, eGlobal Library Academic Integration Tools enable educators to contribute searchable, copyrighted material, so students have full access to all their academic resources in one central and highly customized hub.

“Students use eGlobal Library to discover and make sense of the information available to them through a multitude of other online sources,” said Jones. “The need for easily accessible and curated content is key. We help educators and students curate content and develop the information literacy skills necessary to succeed in school and professional environments.”

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