The latest trends in MOOCs

MOOCs have taken hold at some prestigious institutions.

The battle for and against massive open online courses (MOOCs) rages on as we head into summer, with new arguments emerging on both sides of the MOOC divide.

Quite a bit of MOOC news has broken over the past month, including the plan to offer MOOC courses in a $7,000 online computer science master’s degree at Georgia Tech, EdX doubling its partner universities — with a few prestigious schools in the mix — and four in 10 colleges and universities saying they’ll adopt some form of MOOC by 2016.

LearnDash, a blog covering educational technology and learning management, recently published an intriguing infographic summarizing the latest — and emerging — trends in higher education’s adoption of MOOC courses.

Among the highlights of LearnDash’s inforgraphic: a breakdown of what percentage of survey respondents believe MOOCs will complement traditional education, and a look at those who say MOOCs will replace existing educational models.

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eCampus News Staff