The 12 Myths of MOOCs

In a recent survey of several hundred educators, only 13 percent of schools today offer MOOCs, but 43 percent plan to offer them by 2016. So if we agree the trend is here to stay, let’s take a look at the growing mythology of Massive Open Online Courses, Excelsior College President John Ebersole writes in The Huffington Post.

1. MOOCs provide a quality learning experience.

While no one questions the quality of instruction offered by some of the finest minds in higher education, it is reasonable to question the extent of student learning from MOOCs. The great majority of participants do not complete the course they enroll in. Of the very small percentage who do, questions remain about the validity of the assessment instrument, the security of the assessment process, and, in some cases, the identity of the participant. To date, there is very little evidence of actual learning done by students who enroll in a MOOC.

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