Career & College Clubs Debuts “The College & Career Pathway for Middle School Students”

Los Angeles, California (May 22, 2013) – Career & College Clubs, a program of ALL Management Corporation, is proud to debut “The College & Careers Pathway for Middle School Students”. Career & College Clubs has designed a fun and easy-to-follow infographic that gives middle school students the essential steps to prepare for high school, college and beyond.

Middle school is a pivotal time for defining the future of a student’s life, which is why Career & College Clubs ( has engineered a peer-to-peer learning model that empowers students to inspire, challenge, and educate one another through hands-on, fun activities. The Career & College Clubs program was established over five years ago and is currently in more than 160 middle schools across California.

President and CEO of ALL Management Corporation Quentin Wilson added, “Education helps students expand their horizons and try new things. Earning a high school and college degree may be one of the most important steps an individual takes on the road to life success. Career & College Clubs provides an innovative program focused on helping middle grade students excel in school and life.”

In addition to demonstrating the value of staying in school, this innovative peer-to-peer learning model has proven to be highly effective in inspiring students to achieve academic success. Moreover, Career & College Clubs has a school wide impact as students model positive behaviors and leadership practices for their peers. Overall, Career & College Clubs is an effective program that puts the power of learning in the hands of students.

Career & College Clubs is focused on empowering middle school students to plan for, and achieve, success in high school, college, and life. For more information on Career & College Clubs please visit:

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Career and College Clubs is a peer-to-peer program focused exclusively on empowering middle school students with the knowledge, life skills, and motivation to succeed in high school, college, and life.

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