University Sports Complex launches real-time game viewing tech

No matter the profession, many strive to maintain a balance between work and home. For execs with children entrenched in sports – soccer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball and more, the habitual trek to evening or weekend games is part of the family fabric, the Boston Business Journal reports. But what happens when you can’t make it to your youngster’s game or tournament? Many parents chalk it up as a disappointment and look forward to post game, play-by-play chatter. The newly constructed University Sports Complex at Starland in Hanover – a 165,000-square-foot, multi-use sports and recreation facility located 20 minutes south of Boston – will offer cutting edge technology connecting friends and family from afar with their favorite athletes. Utilizing a laptop or mobile device, sports fans will have access to real time game viewing technology along with player statistical information, tournament pairings and standings, management said.

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