Top 5 online computer science master’s degree programs

3. Johns Hopkins University

Tuition: $3,175 per credit

Description: Online computer science students have nine areas of focus from which to choose: software engineering, systems, theory, information security, database and knowledge management, bioinformatics, visualization and human-computer interaction, data communications and networking, distributed computing, according to Johns Hopkins. The university’s program was designed to “prepare technical professionals to thrive in this rapidly evolving field, and also update the skills and abilities of professionals in other engineering and scientific disciplines,” according to the university. “The program covers theory, analysis, design, and implementation of information systems.”

4. University of Minnesota

Tuition: $1,214.17 per credit for up to six credits, with rates reduced gradually for taking more than six credits per semester.

Description: Students in the online master’s degree program will benefit from “coursework from across a broad spectrum of theoretical and applied computer science, combined with research opportunities in nearly all areas of the field,” according to the university. “The faculty of the graduate program advise students in such areas as algorithms and theoretical computer science; numerical, parallel, and high-performance computing; distributed computing and sys­tems; artificial intelligence, robotics, and computer vision; databases and data mining; human-computer interaction and information systems; graphics and visualization; software engineering and programming languages; computer architecture and compilers; networking; bio-informatics and computational biology; and computer security.”

eCampus News Staff