The six major anxieties of social media

Since humans are both social animals and neurotic ones, we bring to each social setting a corresponding set of social anxieties, New York Magazine reports. The Todayshow recently surveyed 7,000 American mothers and found that 42 percent “suffer from Pinterest stress — the worry that they’re not crafty or creative enough.” Though Today’s subjects were likely a self-selecting bunch, their tales nevertheless reveal the unique and insidious pressures of Pinterest: Symptoms include staying up until 3 a.m. clicking through photos of exquisite hand-made birthday party favors even though you’ll end up buying yours at the dollar store, or sobbing quietly into a burnt mess of expensive ingredients that were supposed to be adorable bunny cookies for the school bake sale. … The fastest-paced social network, Twitter FOMO is not the fear of missing out of parties, but the fear of missing out on inside jokes and news events. In other words, fear of looking dumb. What’s that new hashtag everyone is LOL-ing about? Did everyone already tweet this cool link I just found? These jokes I’m live-tweeting while watching Mad Men are original, right? On Twitter we fear looking stupid, ignorant, and behind the times.

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