10 ed-tech tools of the 70s, 80s, and 90s

9. Tamagotchi (’96), Giga Pet (’97), and Nano Pet (’97): Remember the ‘This egg is your baby’ project? Many teachers in the late ‘90s were hip to our technology and said we could use our fake digital pets and aliens instead of eggs. Gameplay included feedings, clean ups, and constant attention. We can’t remember why we thought this was fun.

10. Alta Vista (’98) and Ask Jeeves (’99):  High school was when we started going to the library to learn something called “media skills,” which was an entirely new concept, considering the internet was still at dial-up and consisted mainly of  chat rooms your parents didn’t know about. Technically we were only supposed to use Alta Vista, but sometimes we’d break the rules and Ask our buddy, Jeeves.

eCampus News Staff

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