10 ed-tech tools of the 70s, 80s, and 90s

5. Lemonade Stand (V.1- ’79): Why are your sales declining even though you added more lemonade signs then last week? Wait, how do you multiply 20 cents by 62? Lemonade Stand was one of the first educational math games created  for elementary students. To this day we can’t walk by a child’s lemonade stand without trying to reason how weather and price points will affect their daily profits…probably not normal.

6. Dry-erase boards (Made in the mid-‘70s and popularized in classrooms in the ‘90s): Chalk allergies were the peanut allergies of today. Dry-erase boards were all the rage in the ‘90s as teachers realized that the days of chalk-handprint-butt were coming to a close. Too bad Kevin the class clown would switch the dry-erase markers with permanent markers—always a good prank.

eCampus News Staff

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