10 ed-tech tools of the 70s, 80s, and 90s

3. Floppy disks (Mid ‘70s-early 2000s): Talk about ruggedized! The first time we used floppies for computer work you could practically bend them in half without any damage-the case was even paper-based. Then came the virtually indestructible hard-shelled disks. Nowadays there are USBs. Okay. Those might be cooler. You could never attach your floppy to a key chain.

4. Oregon Trail (V.1- ’74): Nicole needs to stop whining and help pull the oxen across the river. We know this game was supposed to teach problem-solving skills and real-world reasoning, but what wagon can’t carry more than 100 pounds of bear meat? Totally not your fault that your entire party died from exhaustion. Right? Right?!

eCampus News Staff

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