Rubicon International is pleased to announce the launch of their Core Talk App

PORTLAND, Ore.,– Rubicon International is pleased to announce the launch of Core Talk, an iPhone app for teachers, education leaders, and parents interested in the Common Core State Standards. Core Talk brings breaking news, real-time updates to state standards, and the evolving discourse of U.S. standards-based education to one easy-to-navigate spot. Rubicon’s team of standards specialists highlights and shares targeted global and online Professional Development opportunities related to the Common Core.

Core Talk allows readers to zero in on relevant news and events by state and topic. The App provides social sharing features, as well as the ability to send details of PD events directly to the user’s calendar. With an elegant interface and familiar iOS gestures, Core Talk will seamlessly replace the myriad of resources educators are using to stay informed on the ever-changing landscape of the Common Core movement.

“Over the past decade our team of standards experts has watched as alignment to academic standards has become best practice both nationally and internationally. As implementation of the Common Core evolves, we see growing interest in the steady flow of news, conversation, and an array of professional development offerings. Our team was inspired to create Core Talk as a single mobile resource rich in relevant and current content.” – Roger W. Smith, Rubicon International Managing Partner.

Core Talk is brought to you by Rubicon International and is available for download on the App Store.

Rubicon International is an educational technology organization that is known for its leadership in curriculum management through innovative and dynamic curriculum processes. In collaboration with schools and other educational leaders around the world, Rubicon is committed to affecting meaningful change in the realm of teaching and learning.

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