Career & College Clubs: Empowering Middle School Students to Succeed in College

Los Angeles, California (May 8, 2013) – Career & College Clubs, a program of ALL Management Corporation, is proud to re-launch California’s premier program focused exclusively on educating middle school students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to succeed in high school, college, and life.

The Career & College Clubs program was established over five years ago and is currently in more than 160 middle schools across California. The re-launch includes an expanded curriculum and an online professional learning community for participating schools.

Middle school is a pivotal time for defining the future of a student’s life, which is why Career & College Clubs ( has engineered a peer-to-peer learning model that empowers students to inspire, challenge, and educate one another through hands-on, fun activities.

In addition to demonstrating the value of staying in school, this innovative peer-to-peer learning model has proven to be highly effective in inspiring students to achieve academic success. Moreover, Career & College Clubs has a school wide impact as students model positive behaviors and leadership practices for their peers. Overall, Career & College Clubs is an effective program that puts the power of learning in the hands of students.

President and CEO of ALL Management Corporation Quentin Wilson added, “As a key transition point in the lives of young people, middle school is the perfect opportunity for modest investments to have big results. By engaging middle school students in a dynamic peer-to-peer learning environment, Career & College Clubs results in empowered students with an intrinsic drive to succeed in high school, college, and life.”

ACT, Inc. analyzed 1,200 students who participated in Career & College Clubs, with research showing that students who complete the program are more likely to aspire to a four-year postsecondary degree and to take courses in high school that lead to college success.

For schools, Career & College Clubs is a turnkey solution that can be implemented with minimal effort and maintenance. We provide the curriculum, professional development, and ongoing support to ensure the program’s success. In most cases, a single staff person can guide a successful club in just 2-3 hours per week. Career & College Clubs can be implemented during a regular class session, lunch, or before/after school, with the ability to scale up or down depending on student population. The curriculum is aligned with grades 6-8 Common Core State Standards and the American School Counselor Association National Standards for Students.

To ensure Career & College Clubs is accessible to a broad range of students, the program model was designed with sensitivity to schools’ budgetary constraints. The minimal annual fee per site is more than offset by increased revenue potentially realized as a result of the program’s impact on student attendance.

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Career and College Clubs is a peer-to-peer program focused exclusively on empowering middle school students with the knowledge, life skills, and motivation to succeed in high school, college, and life.

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