University of Windsor slashes tuition cost for Americans

The University of Windsor is slashing tuition fees for its U.S. students. In what it’s calling “a good-neighbour gesture,” the school will discount its international student tuition for Americans, CBC News reports. Students from the U.S. will pay $5,000 per semester beginning in September 2013. The cut saves a student as much as $5,000 per semester. The “U.S. Neighbour Fee” was approved by the Board of Governors at its April 30 meeting. It applies only to first-year undergraduate students who apply for any program, except law. … The university wanted to position itself on an “even playing field” with U.S. schools, particularly publicly funded ones, Wildeman said. The idea is to take advantage of the school’s proximity to the U.S. and boost enrollment. Currently, 82 Americans are enrolled at the University of Windsor.

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