Tools4ever automates the User Account Management Process at Several Educational Entities with its Identity and Access Management Solutions

Schools continue to implement Tools4ever’s tools to reduce the burden on helpdesks, allowing easier management of student and employee passwords and account access procedures.

LYNBROCK, New York – Apr. 10, 2013 — Tools4ever, the worldwide market leader in identity and access management solutions with more than five million user accounts, announced today that several secondary schools and universities have implement the company’s identity and access management solutions during the first quarter of 2013 to automate their account management procedures and improve access and security of their internal solutions.

Tools4ever serves hundreds of elementary, secondary and higher educational institutions from throughout the United States, offering solutions including password management solutions such as Tools4ever’s Self Service Password Reset Management (SSPRM) and Enterprise Single Sign-on Manager (E-SSOM) and Tools4ever’s user management solution, User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA).

A partial list of educational entities to add Tools4ever solutions to their technology toolkits during the first quarter of 2013 include:

• The University of Florida — state university, Gainesville, Florida
• Marywood University — Catholic liberal arts university, Scranton, Pennsylvania
• Virginia State University — state university, Ettrick, Virginia
• Milligan College — Christian liberal arts college, Milligan College, Tennessee
• Union County Public Schools –public school district, Monroe, North Carolina

Educational entities throughout the United States implement Tools4ever’s UMRA because of its ability to connect with many student information systems and electronic learning environments including Banner, eSchool and Blackboard.

“UMRA allows school technology leaders to easily synchronize user accounts and data automatically, and eliminates manual management of the information,” said Dean Wiech, managing director of Tools4ever. “The system also allows schools to reduce account pollution, and improve security of systems and applications.”

District Administration named UMRA one of the top 100 educational IT products for 2011 and 2012. The acknowledgement is given to products that support exceptional educational innovation.

In addition to UMRA, several educational entities have implemented SSRPM and E-SSOM, allowing them to easily manage student passwords and reduce calls to the helpdesk regarding password issues.

Students and employees often must remember credentials to several educational applications. E-SSOM allows users to login just once and thereafter be automatically signed into all applications launched.

Also, at the beginning of each semester or when returning from breaks, many students and employees forget their passwords and need to reset them. SSRPM eliminates the need to contact the helpdesk and allows users to securely reset their password themselves.

Overall, these Tools4ever solutions result in less frustration for both the account user and the IT department or helpdesk.

Tools4ever, long considered a leading provider of identity and access management solutions in the education space, has carried out thousands of implementations of its products for educational entities.

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