The state is suing a Brockton for-profit school, saying it falsely promised to train graduates for well-paying positions in the medical industry, made misleading claims about job-placement success rates, and left many students mired in debt, The Boston Globe reports. Sullivan & Cogliano Training Centers Inc. advertised that 70 percent to 100 percent of its graduates landed jobs in a medical office, when less than 25 percent of graduates actually found that type of work, Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office said in a complaint filed in Plymouth County Superior Court Wednesday. Instead, some graduates ended up working in fast food restaurants and at big-box retailers, according to the lawsuit. “For-profit schools are extremely expensive and heavily funded through federal student loans, so all taxpayers have a stake in this,” Coakley said in a statement Wednesday. “If students do not receive these promised jobs and wind up in default, the students and taxpayers suffer the consequence while the schools continue to profit.”

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