WVS Partners with ETap and CTeLearning

World Virtual School Partners with ETap and CTeLearning: The WVS is excited to announce its new content partnerships with ETap and CTeLearning, award winning content providers.
eTap Owned and operated by Blaise Subbiondo of Laguna Beach, CA (http://www.etap.org) is an award winning provider of K-12 of Math, English, Science, and History that is entirely web based.
CTELearning owned and operated by Steve Waddell of Kansas City, Kansas (http://www.isupportlearning.com) offers award winning career themed courses. These for career/technical training experiences allows students to gain introductory industry certifications, technical skills, soft skills all while learning about different careers.
East Moline, Il, 11 March 2013 – The World Virtual School, owned and operated by Dr. Diana Muir of East Moline, Il serves students around the world in 72 countries. Since its conception in December of 1995, WVS has served more than 540,000 students around the world. In 2010, Dr. Muir was named Global Educator of the Year by CCLP, a European consortium of educators and futurists.
Reem Abdellatif, an Egyptian activist, stated “A renaissance is boiling beneath the surface,” indicating that beneath the outward discussion about issues of politics, global warming, social and economic equality lurks a renaissance of thinking and action by millennium students of a new global order. WVS intends to be part of this new global order by helping to create a global awareness through equality in education and by supplementing current educational programs with innovative new products such as
ETap’s awarding winning (District Administrations Top 100 Products in 2012) content and CTeLearning’s award winning virtual internships (District Administrations Top 100 Products 2011).
In order to expand its primary education offerings and to complement its career/training courses, WVS has partnered with these 2 experienced and innovate companies in order to serve its students better, hoping to expand its reach to more than 100,000 new students in the next year.
To learn more about the World Virtual School, its new content partners and Porta-School™, its new patent-pending solar powered stand-alone tablet (independent of internet and electricity) with a complete high school curriculum, please visit their website at http://wvs.us.com/ or contact the owner at admin@wvs.us.com for further information.
About World Virtual School
The World Virtual School was first established in 1995 as a non-profit subsidiary of the Hawking Institute, an NGO of the United Nations. Offering free, equitable basic education to students around the world, entirely over the internet, the WVS completed its 3 year “proof-of-concept” phase in 2012. WVS is now transforming into a for-profit corporation and is focusing on branding and marketing, while improving its curriculum with state-of-the-art teaching methodology and technology.
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