eInstruction’s Wave Extends LMS Functionality to Connect Instructors and Students

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (March 15, 2013) eInstruction, a global education software and technology company, expanded its line of products with the release of Wave, a centralized, online solution designed for higher education that extends the functionality of an institution’s learning management system (LMS).

Wave makes it easier to increase student participation, take attendance, and capture valuable real-time feedback within Blackboard® or Moodle™ LMS environments, with additional platforms planned in the future. Because Wave becomes part of the LMS, it is the only solution for higher education that does not require roster import and records student results directly into the LMS grade book.

“Our customers are most excited by the amount of time it saves them grading course work and evaluating students,” said Sandy Letterly, Product Manager at eInstruction. “One instructor noted she would save at least 20 minutes a day by not having to manually enter or import results into her grade book for five different classes.”

With Wave, there’s no need to learn a new program – instructors simply log in to their LMS and course, and with one click are ready to start a session. They can then use existing LMS content, tag their own lesson plans, and launch impromptu assessment questions with real-time results.
Students use eInstruction student response pads (clickers) or can download the vPad app for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Android device, or laptop, to answer true-false, multiple-choice, multiple-select, or short-answer questions.

Wave is easily scalable so educators can keep a lecture hall of up to 1,000 students engaged; ensuring students are following the lecture or reading the assigned material. They also get immediate access to data and an in-depth look at an individual’s performance regardless of class size.

Wave is available as a student-purchased or institution-subsidized deployment in the United States or Canada. To speak with an eInstruction Sales Representative, call 866-496-4949 or visit www.einstruction.com/wave.

About eInstruction®
eInstruction is a leading global education technology company committed to providing interactive teaching and learning solutions that help educators and students advance learning every day. The company offers innovative classroom instruction systems, student response systems, fixed interactive whiteboards, mobile interactive whiteboards, research-based software, and professional development solutions that facilitate significantly higher levels of collaboration, engagement, and student achievement across all stages of the learning process.

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